on heartbreak.

on heartbreak.

I had some different words typed here on my screen. They were much more generic and surface. Like a nice small-talk chat in the hallway of the kids school, or during Sunday school on the couches in the foyer.

I’m not sure who of you needs these words, but here they are.

As the seasons change I’m reminded of past season changes, past selves, past circumstances, joys, and heartbreaks.

I knew, ever since I remember knowing anything that Jesus loved me. That he died for me and my sins. That through baptism I could be washed of my sins and that I could partake in the Atonement of Christ to become clean again and again.

But as I began to walk the human path of growth that is inevitably sprinkled with heartbreak, I have learned that Jesus DOES love us. But his Atoning love isn’t just there when we make a wrong choice. It isn’t just there to patch the mistakes up and send us on our way.

Heartbreak is real and it’s not a one-time checkable box through our lives. The depth of heartbreak creates shock waves that ripple through time over the course of years, and maybe our whole lives.

Whether the heartbreak is by our own doing or from outside uncontrollable circumstances, the vulnerability it creates within us can leave us and our faith fragile. I know, because I’ve been there. And I’m betting by writing these words that you have too.

Here’s what I’m learning, When we are fragile, Jesus is invincible for our sakes. That when we are so vulnerable it hurts, we are also held so close to our Savior he can hold our cracked pieces together. He shows up to cover our weaknesses. He never fails to sit with us, even as we wade through the most painful heartbreaks.

As I drove up our hill this morning just as the sun was rising after a jog in the early morning dawn, I thought these words so clearly I nearly had to pull the car over. I was overcome with their truth and POWER.

“He is my Father.”

And he is yours.

The sun shining so sure and bright warming me from the inside out, testifying of Gods sureness and light just the same.

If you’re sitting in a season of heartbreak now, or trying not to remember seasons past laced with that dull ache that nags at your faith and hope, I get you. I really do. And I’m here to tell you what you already know, even if it’s buried under all the other emotions and feelings-

You are loved. And you can FIND Christ through this season, and every change of season to come. Open your scriptures. Open your hands. Open your heart. Allow the cracks in you to be stitched together with your Saviors unending love. You are never too far from his love, his forgiveness, his understanding and hope. No heartbreak is too severe. No path too twisty. No mistake too big and wide and bad.

There is nothing that could ever come close to the power and love of your Savior for you, as his child.

I’m convinced nothing can separate you from Him. Not death or life. Not your past or present. Not your fears or deepest sorrows. From the highest to your lowest.

Find Him.
He will be there.



Love love love.

Ashley Hansen
Ashley Hansen

This is beautiful Courtney. I needed to hear it and I know others needed it as well.

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