pockets with God.

pockets with God.

I spoke on Instagram this week about pockets with God. 

back in February, I was on a plane flying 30,000ft over the ground. I was just in awe for some reason looking over the Rocky Mountains-- God felt so real. My 2'x2' space next to the window felt all of a sudden like holy ground. 

I wanted to have that kind of perspective all the time. 

and with that thought a new idea started to form. It started to take shape and like the good stuff does, it came out scribbled in a black notebook balanced on my knee. 

What if I could consciously choose moments or spaces or pockets in my days that were mine and Gods? What if those spaces and moments became holy ground. Ordinary boring moments, regular pockets in my day, that I decided to transform and make me think His name. 

I wrote down two. My kitchen sink. and the sunset. I tried to lace my spiritual life around them. The water from my faucet like the Atonement of my Savior. The Sunset representing second chances and peace no matter what the day has held. 

It changed me in every single way. His name was common in my heart. His promises sure, strengthening me mind body and soul. 

Since then I've added a few more pockets to that list. Most recently the first stall in the grocery pickup area. Theres a little green spot of ground cover that I like. Green, thriving surrounded by concrete. The other morning it was still covered in frost. I like to get out and put my feet up against the curb and I do this thing...

I declare His goodness. 

Sometimes, if no one else is there, out loud. Sometimes whispered under my breath. Sometimes in my mind. 

"He is my Father"
"He is good."
"Jesus loves me."
"I know in whom I trust"
"He lives."

Whatever I need that day. 

By declaring His goodness.... 30,000 feet perspective magically enters into my ironically task oriented feet. Although I'm standing on the ground, my soul gets a peek through the clouds at His greatness and unfolding all encompassing love and hand in my life. MY LIFE! ME! One person. One child. One daughter. 

"I am who He says I am."
"He is who He says He is."

Declare it, out loud. 
Find pockets in your days that you decide to be still long enough to rise above the circumstance, above the hard, above the to do lists and disappointments and fears and doubts. 

He will show up for you.

You are His child. you are His in every moment and every thing. 

You.... are loved. 


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