Beginner Letterer Gift Guide 2017

Beginner Letterer Gift Guide 2017

Hey there! I've been asked a few times my recommendations for gift ideas for beginner letterers, so I thought I'd put this together really quick of all my favorite hand lettering tools for the beginner letterers in your life! ;) 

Great for all ages, I've personally introduced these tools to my own 8 year old daughter, 9 year old brother (yes, you're reading that correctly ha!) to my 15 year old babysitter (who I love), and to adults from all ages! 

Giving the gift of art through letters and words has a special place in my heart! Happy December! Happy stocking stuffing! ;) 

Begintermediate Workbook Download | Not listed in my shop aside from this secret link! This simple workbook will take your letterer from ground zero to creating hand lettered pieces of their very own! 

Tombow Fude double pack | These pens are excellent for beginners. They're cheap, will last a long time, and resilient holding up to beginner practicing. 

Aquabrush | This is a super fun tool paired with watercolors or India ink (linked below) I wouldn't classify it as a true beginners tool.. but they'll learn quick!

India ink | Paired with the Aquabrush, this is one of my very favorite mediums! 

Tracing Paper | Used with the Begintermediate Workbook your letterer will get instant gratification tracing over the letter drills and lettering prompts! The smooth surface of the tracing paper will also extend the life of the brush pens! 


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