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I woke up with the feeling of dread in my heart.


Oh just because I had a goal to finish the entire Book of Mormon by the end of the year and started over in October, and here we are December 4th and if I'm honest I'm drenched in fear that I'm not going to be able to make that goal. 

In fact, I feel so "behind" that I'm struggling to even open my scriptures each day. 

As I stumbled out into the dark living area this morning before anyone was awake, half praying, half taking inventory of what the day will hold, I heard distinct words whispered through all that internal noise-- 

"Your progress counts." 

From what I know of the Adversary, there is nothing he loves more than me getting caught up in expectation and throwing in the towel. Especially when it comes to my daily walk with God through His Word. 

You know what God expects of us? 

Our progress. 

He wants us to show up, not to pass a test or check off a box, but because HE LOVES US. He wants to open the windows of heaven, pour out all the blessings and all the comfort and all the joy. He wants to bring light into the darkness. He wants to guide us through the fog. 

And that happens best when we decide to simply show up with an open heart and palm. 


I'm switching my focus from "finishing" anything and instead to simply showing up, every single day. 

I do not need the glory of finishing or accomplishing anything. I simply need to glorify Him, by walking in faith & trusting. 


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