it's time for an UPDATE!

it's time for an UPDATE!


I've been going back and forth on the best way to update everyone on what's happening now, and what's coming soon. 

Instagram is my usual go-to, but since I'm still hobbling along on my broken speaker-d phone.. (haha) I have to be in one place with all the info WITH headphones and a perfect storm like that isn't proving to be working during this crazy month. 

The blog! Of course! 

So, here we are!

Lets talk about what's happening NOW first: 

  • Christmas is coming. Which means, last day to place an order and have it there by the big day is December 16th. Gift cards will be available until the last minute though! 
  • I had the chance to chat with Monica over at About Progress-- if you haven't joined in our conversation, here is a link! Truthfully we recorded it a few months ago, and listening back now has made me feel lots of feelings. I needed it today, maybe more than I did then! 
  • Advent Study's are SOLD OUT. However, the digital version will be available until mid-December. (more exciting Advent News below!)
  • Find Study Guide Bundles are STILL on sale, but only for a while longer! (my inventory is also dwindling there.. if you've been on the fence, now is the time!)
  • You can still snag a Wide Margin Book of Mormon from Alphagraphics in Lehi, HERE! 
  • All new MONTHLY PRINT MEMBERSHIP is now available! Read all about that HERE. I'm so excited to create just for you art each month!

OOOOOkay, && now for what's COMING SOON:

  • WIDE MARGIN New Testament PDF DOWNLOAD. Yep! That's right. I've finally got it all formatted and just about ready to go. It includes footnotes, just like the Wide Margin Book of Mormon. I'm aiming to have this available by 12/12. (but maybe sooner!)
  • Finding Sabbath Journal! Guys. It's coming back and it's EVEN BETTER. 200 pages, 12 months, 5 weeks per month with a calendar at a glance each month as well as incorporated aspects from another loved mini journal Finding Joy! I am reeeeeally excited about her. Also hoping to have her available toward the middle of this month! 
  • ADVENT! While SO many of you are studying with me through our 2018 Advent Study: Women in the Bible, I decided to also offer a little email study group with the 25 scripture reading found in the study guide! While it's not directly related to the Study Guide material, they are 25 verses that point us to Christ, and during the season when overwhelm tends to slip in.. I know I'm trying hard to fight that and instead turn to LIGHT! You can sign up for that HERE. If you have purchased an Advent Study this year, you're already on the list for the weekly email! 

Phew! That was a lot! I think I shared everything and hopefully answered lots of questions. :) 


Thank you for being here. I am SO looking forward to the rest of this year & 2019. There are things I've been working on for years (ahem.. a BOOK!) that are finally going to come full circle, along with just the usual rhythm that has proved life giving for myself, and many of you.

I'll be back here for my annual end of the year/new year post! Hoping you're taking time to turn down the outside noise and live in some silence this season. It's there I believe we can truly HEAR and SEE and FEEL the goodness of God in our lives.





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