I just wanted to give a quick shop update here for the time being: I am SOLD OUT of all my physical goods inventory! 

Over the past few years you have been SO supportive, and truly, it means more to me than I can express in words. 

The thing is, 3 years ago I was a broken and lost girl. Wondering if God was real, if this was all a sham, and where to go from there. 

I stand all amazed that God knew how to personally move and change and transform my heart--- you don't read about Him changing hearts through art and hand lettering in the scriptures. You don't read about miracles that take place during middle of the night graphic design sessions, or vulnerably typed out Instagram captions. You don't often know the depth that God will travel simply to speak in a way His children can hear, see, and understand. But I have learned and continue to learn that He does indeed speak personally to each of us. In a million different ways! Hand lettering?! Graphic design? Yes. even those things. 

Every creative project thus far has started as a whisper, a tender answer to a burning question within my own heart. Through the process of creating, learning, and sharing, things within me have began to fall into a place I never imagine possible. I've become not unlike Peter, willing to straightway leave all to follow Him who calls my name. 

I thank you for being a part of this sacred process for me. I pray that as I've walked this road beckoning you to walk with me, you've been uplifted and encouraged and changed as well. Either through something tangible and purchased or through an email or a simple Instagram post. Every time I've opened myself up in one way or another it was only because I felt called to do so. 

I am planning on restocking my inventory along with a special secret Mothers' Day Project the beginning of May. Until then, all digital resources and Monthly Print Memberships will still be available, as well as purchasing the Wide Margin versions of both the New Testament and Book of Mormon HERE. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience as I slow down a little bit, bringing our 4th and last baby into our family, as well as I carefully go through and restock inventory. I'll always be available via email!

YOU ARE LOVED. By me yes, but more importantly, by a Father in Heaven who knows and cares and is always, always THERE. 



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