Sunday Love Letter: Inspired Lettering

Sunday Love Letter: Inspired Lettering


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feb. 19th:

i wish that I could say that I’m here to offer some amazing inspirational something. But today, I’m not.
I’ve been thinking about this email all week, and in the process, lost the “thing”. The inspiration.

That’s how all this goes for me sometimes, and maybe it does of you too?

Now, 6:30 am Sunday morning with kids to wake up in thirty minutes and church in 2 hours I can see why.

I was focusing on the email itself. Like the mechanics behind it. The “schedule” of it. instead of focusing on my “why” and the inspiration itself.

And then, it all fell together perfectly into place like a puzzle. This whole week.

i’ve been so focused on the mechanics of my days that I’ve missed the days themselves. I’ve missed opportunities to connect with God in a meaningful way. I’ve haphazardly kissed owies and foreheads goodnight. i’ve said the words “how was your day” without intention to sit and have a meaningful conversation. I haven’t been in the moment and I haven’t been “doing” for the purpose of doing, but instead for the purpose of checking that box.

And it feels icky.

As I opened the scriptures this morning I read two words and closed them. Sometimes that’s all I have in me, and today it was enough.

Remember how that word “inspiration” follows me around?

The two words I read when I randomly opened my scriptures this morning was “seek inspiration ”

Not lying.

Everything we do in life has a higher purpose. or a box that needs checked. I find that when I’m checking boxes (intstagram post, laundry, “how was your day”, even my prayers become a box to be checked…) I am MISSING IT. I’m missing the inspiration. I’m missing the love. I’m missing the moment. And I’m going to be left feeling icky and empty.

My boxes might be checked, but my heart isn’t full. And ironically somehow in the process I feel closed off, and incapable of being vulnerable.

what does this have to do with lettering?

easy. I have no desire to go sit at my desk. It’s a mess, and I have’t been in there in two days. Which is a long time, for me. I have no desire to create. I don’t have any words. I’m not burned out exactly, just don’t have anything to letter.

Because I let “why” get put on a shelf. Same reason why I didn’t feel like reading a bedtime story last night.

tell me I’m not alone. Tell me you feel like this sometimes too? This love letter is a big leap in the direction of inspiration. Because I’m not exactly revealing a perfectly makeuped side of myself, but hey, odds are you wake up the way I wake up. ;)

heres my inspiration for you today on this Sunday.
You’re not alone.

And the beautiful thing is, today is a new day. I can hear my baby stirring, and I get to choose to not check off boxes but be her mom for the sake of being her mom. And I can’t wait.

I also am going to venture into my office this morning. And I’m going to letter my word. The one that always leads me back to the light.

What is your word? What is your why? What keeps you in the moment and not wrapped up in boxes to check off?

letter THAT today. I’d love to see it! Tag me on Insta.

Heres to not waiting for inspiration to fall in our laps in the cracks of focusing on the mechanics of our lives, but making it the guiding force behind all that we do in our lives.

(Thanks for letting me get all this out of my head and connect with you. Happy Sunday!)



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