thoughts on taking a minute.

thoughts on taking a minute.

I don't know about you, but I get caught up in the dream. in the rush. the now. the hustle. the "I can chase my dreams down one by one" theory. that I am woman, hear me roar thing. that getting things done, live your dreams now, all those Pinterest worthy slogans that are great on paper but, in reality, wreck my life.


you too?

it was Monday morning and I was in that weird waking up state where you're wide awake, but you just can't get yourself to open your eyes. my mind was already going a million miles a minute, from one thing to the next and the next. all the things I needed to do, be, say, accomplish, put together, create, package, ship, people to call, & emails to respond to. some of those included my children. some included my husband. and dinner. and laundry. some of them were business and art related. but all together they were all good things, and yet I felt crushed. like if I opened my eyes and allowed the day to start, I might crumble into a million tiny pieces.

that was the moment I knew, I needed to stop. 

I was making the choice to say "yes" to three million things. I was dreaming faster than my heart had energy to run. My life is less about physically climbing mountains, and more about cracking my heart open and pouring out whats there. holding it in my hands and turning into art. turning it into connection. into teaching. into mothering. into loving. forgiving. 

that morning, I realized I've lost the happy in my day to day. I've lost the light heartedness. a kitchen dance party wasn't on my "to-do" list and that is so unlike me. 

I needed some slow. a second.

I needed to TAKE A MINUTE.

a minute to breathe. think. process. love. hug. dance. cook. clean. shower. laugh. 

in the hustle, those things are nonexistent. (minus the shower, I somehow manage to squeeze that in.... sometimes.) in the hurry, I forget who I am. I forget my most most important things. I forget to meditate. to read scriptures. to get on my dang knees and connect with the One who is supposed to be leading this ship in the first place.

in the hustle I get big. and yet my soul longs to be small. small in the plan of God. and the bigger I get, the less in control I feel. the less I know what I'm supposed to do, be, and create. 


from me to you, TAKE A MINUTE. Acknowledge your dreams, lists, tasks, chores, responsibilities etc. and then mentally take a step sideways, just for a minute. just long enough to hit your knees, to close your eyes, take a deep breath or dance party in the kitchen.

resetting myself, resets everything else for the good. I can come back to my life a better girl. more equipped to do all that I need to do, be all that I want and need to be, and instead of chasing down my dreams, I am walking next to them. they are created naturally. they actually work, instead of being forced.

take a minute.

there's magic in that minute. 

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