Choosing Yes.

Choosing Yes.

The road that leads to nowhere. The road that started as a disaster. The road that I walked daily demanding God's promises over my life, forcing myself to choose yes to those promises. 

Faith, is a choice. In many ways, God's promises are a choice. Choosing yes is ours for the taking, if we can muster up the courage to stare fear and failure and brokenness in the eye, relying on unreasonable faith instead. 

I am so humbled to have been able to write the words in my new book Choose Yes. I am even more humbled to be able to offer them to you in this way. 

Is faith getting harder and harder to hold onto? Is logic really loud? Is your heart tired, worried, and burned out? 

I get it. I've been there. 

Choosing Yes is the way back to light, faith, and love. It's the way through today and tomorrow. 

Pre-Orders have closed, but there's still time to get your copy before the new year-- HERE is a link!

I pray it lands in a soft spot & encourages you in your own walk toward faith, no matter what. 





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