Thoughts // Kylie Pond

Thoughts // Kylie Pond

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One of my favorite hymns has always been “Where Can I Turn for Peace?” Today as I was pondering the words following my scripture study, I had the thought enter my mind: where *do* I turn for peace? I know where I *can* turn; I know the Savior is always there, hand outstretched. But, unless I do my part—unless I take action and TURN to Him—I miss out on His peace. 
So, where do you turn for peace? When your heart is full of turmoil, when your patience is at the breaking point, when your frustrations are about to boil over (just me?), when your day (week/month/year) has been awful, when you’re confused and can’t see your path—where do you turn? I know for me, often, I turn the wrong way. I turn to scrolling (and scrolling) on my phone to numb the turmoil. I turn to Netflix to quell the frustrations. I turn to food to fill the empty spots in my heart. In doing this, even though it hurts to say it, I turn away from Him. 
A couple months ago, I needed to change. My anxiety was becoming unbearable, depression coming on strong. My sense of self-worth... shot. I decided I needed to dig deeper and I decided to turn to Him. For me, that was getting the Advent to help me go deeper in my scripture study, opening my navy blue quad, and feasting on His words. And guys, from the moment I opened my scriptures on that first day, my heart rejoiced! I felt the Spirit touch my heart and I was so grateful and humbled to have found my way back. 
My progress has been slow. I still find myself turning the wrong way every single day. But, every single day since December, I have opened my Book of Mormon (a couple of times just on my phone, but usually my actual physical scriptures), and I feel so much more peace in my life. I still have a long way to go (don’t we all?), but I testify to you that the Savior is there, that He is ready and waiting for you to bring all your weaknesses and anxieties to Him, and He promises to make you whole and that His burden is so much lighter. 
And so, I finish with the final verse of that same hymn: 
He answers privately
Reaches my reaching
In my Gethsemane, Savior and Friend. 
Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching. 
Constant He is and kind,
Love without end. 
He answers. Reach out, seek Him...for in Him only will you find true peace. 
-- Kylie Pond

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Love this! <3 Thanks for sharing.

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